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Decorate your commercial spaces with the safest fire resistant florals, plants and trees from Curate Florals. Our inherit fire resistant product will not wash off, dissipate, drip, or leave a messy and oily film as fresh flowers can do. Curate Florals’ fire retardant floral product meets all the National Fire Prevention Association tests. In addition to florals, we also offer artificial fire retardant plants and fire resistant trees, so you can guarantee all of your decorating materials are safe. Check out our commercial floral designs below and find your fire resistant product today with Curate Florals!

When your commercial space is full of life, full of healthy and thriving green plants, it can say a lot about your brand. It means you have a finger on the pulse of the design world and aren’t afraid to go big when you go green. When you use realistic artificial plants, it means you know a wise decision when you see it.

Get the best of beauty, durability, and safety with realistic faux plants from Curate Florals and explore our collections of artificial floor plants, grasses, leaves, floral arrangements, and branches that help you design without limitations.

Whether you’re planning to bring some personality to your commercial space or thinking that your space needs some color and refreshing feel, opt for faux plants and trees. Modern artificial plants are incredibly lifelike and bring great liveliness to any setting.

Curate Florals is the best place to purchase artificial plants and trees, as we have some of the most real-like and maintenance free faux florals that will take your commercial space to the next level.

Are you interested in meeting with our Dallas Floral Designers to update your commercial space with new floral elements? Visit our website today to learn more or give us a call to schedule a consultation! We look forward to working with you!

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