The Benefits Of Greenery In Your Space

March 23, 2023 curate2019 0 Comments

Today’s permanent¬†botanicals¬†are great not only for your residential space, but we are seeing an increase in custom, permanent arrangements in commercial environments. It creates a welcoming experience for clients and will also create a refreshing working space for employees as well. Learn more about our commercial floral designs below!







Bring the outdoors inside with our unique selection of plants and grasses for your commercial environment. This option livens up your commercial interiors without requiring any additional care or maintenance from you or your employees. Design without limitations when working with our talented floral department!







Natural floral designs are more popular than ever, and we are seeing it more and more in our client’s homes and commercial areas. Our newest floral collection brings touches of greenery to life with simple glass containers, letting the natural botanicals speak for themselves. From boutique arrangements with wooden accents to long and low center pieces, this collection is anything but boring!



Are you too busy or don’t have the right environment to keep live plants? Then, permanent botanicals is the way to go! Our floral designers would love to meet with you to design a unique piece for your residential or commercial space. Call today or visit our website for more info!
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