Summer Floral Trends We Love

July 28, 2022 curate2019 0 Comments

Summer is one of our favorite seasons for florals! Days are hotter, the sun is shining brighter, and the flower trends are changing. Check out some of the trends we are loving this summer, before we start to transition into Fall arrangements!

Color Trends

While 2021 embraced soft neutrals, 2022 finds the floral world wants more rich and vibrant colors. There’s still room in the palette for the lighter, more understated tones, but they play such an important role in providing balance to brighter shades. Rich oranges tinged with yellow, deep pinks, and lavish golds are all strong additions to the year’s floral color palette.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are the cooler hues that capture a sense of serenity. Airy blues are perfect for the relaxation and tranquility they bring. Equally eye-catching are deep, earthy greens inspired by vegetation. These shades channel some natural optimism, providing wonderful balance for the year’s more vibrant color options.

Leave some space for neutral colors that are down to earth and pair beautifully with both warm and cool tones. Popular shades in 2022 include soft ivories, which provide a softer and more approachable alternative to crisp whites. Nutty and buttery shades are also welcome additions to any palette, offering some of their signature comfort and gentle appeal to any arrangement.

Industry Trends

At the top of the list are dried floral arrangements. They’re not just easy on the eyes, but easy to maintain! Our clients are always busy, on the go, or otherwise occupied — and unfortunately, it can be easy to put flower care on the back-burner when that happens. With dried flowers, you or your client never have to think about watering, trimming stems, or feeding. They look just as good in months as they do on the first day.

Floral Styles

Layering florals is another fun trend that makes our custom arrangements far more unique and expressive. The beauty of layering is that it allows for a variety of textures and colors to be incorporated into a single medley. Have fun mixing and matching stems you like to create a unique look that captures attention. Our floral designers love to use roses, peonies, and lush greenery to provide colorful support in the background.

If you are loving our favorite summer floral trends, give Curate Florals a call today! We can’t wait to create a custom arrangement for your residential or commercial space! Visit our website or give us a call today! // (972) 417-3800


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