Our Team



Linda Baker is an Award Winning Dallas Interior Designer known for her passionate approach on life, relationships and design. With over 25 years of experience in the design industry, Linda and her team are known in Dallas for their custom high-end design in both residential and commercial properties, while still creating a comfortable environment for all to enjoy. Stunning design residentially has garnered her firm to win repeatedly in Dallas and Texas, and Linda also has designed for commercial clientele such as Oil and Energy, Medical, Financial Firms, Restaurants and Legal Offices, and has the privilege of renovating several Dallas Republic Title offices throughout the DFW area.

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Heather Mattox

Director of Business Operations and Seasonal Department

Heather brings her business skills to BDG from the television, radio and retail industries. While earning her Bachelor in Communication from Texas A&M University, Heather developed her business acumen in various internships for Universal Pictures, KPRC-NBC Television in Houston and Disney Radio. After graduating, Heather joined Zale Corporation as an Assistant Buyer and was quickly promoted to Merchandise Planner for the colored stone and pearl division where she took on the roles of handling store allocations and financial planning for her departments. After three years with Zale Corporation, Heather brought her understanding of business development, planning and marketing to Baker Design Group in 2007. Heather has worked closely alongside Linda for the past 11 years in creating and developing new corporate and residential interior design business along with growing and managing the Seasonal Department. Heather has helped design and manage large Christmas projects such as Rising Star Casino out of Indiana, the beautiful Omni Star Hotel in Frisco, the Grapevine Visitor Center and many more of our larger commercial projects.

Claire Morgan

Marketing Coordinator

Claire Morgan joins Baker Design Group as the Marketing Coordinator after she had the opportunity to take her skill set to Highland Park Village, where she assisted in managing marketing, events and advertising. Originally from Florida, Claire attended Florida State University where she majored in Sociology, but quickly developed a passion for marketing upon graduating. Claire’s greatest strengths are her creativity, drive and leadership, and is highly experienced with coordinating and overseeing a variety of different marketing activities, such as meeting with clients, discussing branding strategies and establishing marketing goals. With several years of experience in the industry and a passion for interior design, Claire looks forward to bringing new and exciting ideas to the marketing and seasonal department and the opportunity to grow substantially with BDG.

tracy raye

Operations and Seasonal Manager

Before beginning her career at Baker Design Group, Tracy spent an extensive 22 years in retail management and sales, including managing one of the top rated Chico’s stores in the United States. Now, Tracy manages and oversees our entire BDG warehouse, communicating with our receiving warehouse and interior designers. She works alongside our interior designers and vendors to make sure all items are arriving on time and are in perfect condition so that installs are well prepared and run smoothly. Drawing from prior experience of managing employees and retail stores, Tracy also manages all BDG Christmas crews. The busy holiday season wouldn’t be the same without her diligence and highly organized inventory system. Tracy fills an important role here that allows each project to run as seamless as possible. When she isn’t running around keeping everything in place at BDG, Tracy loves spending time at home on her farm with her 3 beautiful children, amazing husband and beloved animals.

Heather Knight

Lead Floral Designer

Our Lead Floral Designer, Heather or “HK”, is obsessed with creating things! She is an amazing mom to a gorgeous 2.5-year-old, Virginia Paige, and she is married to a dashing British gent named Aaron. She has been an ardent creative since she can remember! With a background in Visual and Floral Design, Heather has a keen eye for aesthetics and composition that evoke emotion, tell a story and breathe life into a space. Heather draws her influence from high fashion designers, classical and contemporary artists, and timeless floral and landscaping shapes that never go out of style. She loves all things edgy, fresh design, lots of texture and bringing a piece of nature indoors. Make your appointment with Heather today so she can flex her creative muscles with you!