Our Floral Designer’s Top 8 Flowers For Spring

April 15, 2020 curate2019 0 Comments

Fun Facts About Springtime and Spring Flowers

The first day of spring this year fell on March 19th, but the flowers didn’t necessarily know what day it was.  Florals can sense the lengthening days and rising temperatures, and this prompts them to resume growing and to get ready to bloom.

When Do the First and Last Flowers of Spring Bloom?

The first true flowers of spring typically begin blooming around the end of March and beginning of April.  These early spring blooms include tulips, irises, daffodils, hyacinth and pansies.  Other flowers need more sunshine and time to develop before they’re ready to bloom.  Roses, bluebells, daisies, peonies and lilacs usually don’t bloom until May or June.

Our Favorite Flowers for Celebrating Spring at Curate Florals

With so many flowers to choose from going into spring, it’s not easy to choose a few favorites.  We love them all, but the following blossoms have become popular thanks to their beauty, fragrance and special symbolic meanings.  Our Floral Director, Michael Fritz, loves incorporating each floral into beautiful arrangements but says they also make stunning floral displays as individuals.

1. Tulips

Spring at Curate Florals wouldn’t be the same without tulips.  A cheerful bouquet makes the perfect Easter decoration or gift, and they’re also perfect for celebrating spring birthdays.  These playful beauties bloom in just about every color and combination of colors possible.  In general, they represent love, but specific hues have different meanings. Red tulips symbolize love, white tulips are for forgiveness and yellow tulips represent happy thoughts.

2. Daffodils

Of all spring flowers, daffodils are the most emblematic of spring because, like the season, they also represent rebirth, renewal and new beginnings.  We love their trumpet-shaped blooms in sunny yellow, orange and white.

3. Camellias

This flowering shrub blossoms every spring with large, gorgeous flowers.  In white, pink and red, these flowers represent adoration, longing and deep desire.

4. Daisies

With their yellow centers surrounded by fresh, white petals, daisies have an effortless beauty that we can’t help but love in our custom arrangements.  They symbolize motherhood and childbirth, making them the perfect choice for a special Mother’s Day gift.

5. Lilacs

When they’re fully grown and in bloom, they’ll perfume a whole neighborhood with their lovely fragrance.  In purple, blue, white and pink, they symbolize spirituality, happiness, purity and passion.

6. Peonies

These impressive pom-pom-shaped flowers don’t bloom until the very end of the season, but we always have them available at Curate. In blushing shades of pink, it’s no surprise that they can sometimes represent bashfulness.  They make a perfect choice for a bridal bouquet because they also symbolize a happy marriage, romance and compassion.

7. Roses

Roses are popular all year, but they’re actually in season in spring.  As a result, spring roses are the freshest, most beautiful and most affordable roses you can find.  Roses bloom in all colors, and each one has a different symbolic meaning.  For example, yellow represents friendship, red equals romance and lavender is for a love at first sight.

8. Blooming Branches

Cherry blossoms, Dogwood, Almond Branch and Forsythia all have a short spring season early on, but it is very special when our Floral Director can get his hands on a few.  These flowering branches are beautiful statement pieces and make for great additions to our custom floral arrangements.

If you’re ready to welcome a fresh beginning this spring with a custom arrangement, there’s no better way to do it than with Curate Florals!  A small boutique arrangement or larger entryway arrangement will instantly brighten your client’s home or business and boost all moods.  Give us a call today at (972) 417-2800 or visit our website for more information!

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