Our Designer’s HGTV “It” Tree

March 13, 2020 curate2019 0 Comments

Whether you recognize it by name or just by its large, uniquely-shaped green leaves, you’ve surely come to know and love the fiddle-leaf fig tree. Whether short or tall or real or even fake, this statement houseplant stands out in the design world in basically every type of style imaginable. Curate Florals is placing HGTV’s “it” tree in traditional, modern, eclectic, contemporary, transitional and so many more types of spaces. If you want to order a fiddle-leaf fig tree for your client’s home or business, give us a call today (972) 417-3800 or send us an email to learn more at info@curateflorals.com! We have many different pots and fiddle leaf sizes that can lend itself to many different spaces.

If you tend to decorate with all neutrals, don’t forget the greenery.  A fiddle-leaf fig helps add a pop of natural color against an all-neutral color palette.  More and more home and business spaces are incorporating plants of all kinds, including the fiddle-leaf fig, into their small spaces.  While a fiddle-leaf fig tree is not necessarily the smallest option for a houseplant, it makes a big statement while maximizing vertical space.

Large leaves tend to feel fresh and helps bring a lot of life into a space with these special features.  Real fiddle leaves are very sensitive and can require a lot of care and attention.  With Curate’s life-like look, your fiddle leaf fig is realistic without all of the upkeep…  This versatile, clean and modern look will work in traditional spaces and can stand out in different styles of containers that complement your space.

If you are ready to transform your space, contact Curate Florals.  Our clients always ask how to upkeep the plants and florals we leave for them and we just laugh and say, “The occasional air duster and that’s it! These are forever plants!”  They look so real and add so much life without the stress and upkeep!

The products created and sold by Curate Florals are items to treasure, as they are lasting and provide a finished, distinguished look to any home or office space.  Curate products and services are available directly to the shopper.  To learn more, visit www.curateflorals.com and make an appointment with the design team or stop by the Dallas warehouse Monday-Friday.  We forward to seeing you soon!

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