Hot Design Trend Alert: Succulents and Greenery

July 16, 2020 curate2019 0 Comments

Curate Florals is all about bringing what’s new and exciting to our creations and we are loving this hot new design trend! Step foot in the many homes and businesses we have the privilege of designing and you won’t want to miss out on the eye-catching, gorgeous permanent floral arrangements that are perfectly placed around. Whether it’s a small succulent piece or a large planter holding a flawless potted tree, florals bring life to any room, as well as your outdoor spaces.


There are so many interior design details that go into tying a room together and for us florals are never left out of that equation. While these permanent florals may not seem so subtle when they stand on their own, in a large space they pull together the character of the room in a captivating way. Subtle doesn’t always have to mean size after all, sometimes it’s in the soft colors that demand to be seen.


We know color can be added to a room in endless ways, so why not use florals?! Using floral arrangements, like these purple orchids with teal succulents, is the perfect way to pull an accent color into your well designed space. All it takes is one beautifully put together permanent floral arrangement and the power of a stunning vase or tray to provide a nice pop of color to complete your design.


No table is ever finished being set until it has the perfect centerpiece and we happen to believe permanent floral centerpieces tie in the personality of any gathering. Whether you are preparing for a party, a simple family gathering, or setting the table for two, the use of succulents, permanent florals and branches remains to be our personal bias when it comes to table etiquette.


Among the books, pictures and pieces of art you’ll often find gracing bookshelves, dressers, desks and nightstands everywhere, you’ll also discover sentimental ties. When the opportunity arises for our Dallas designers to design these very personal spaces, we love to use those ties as a guide in curating permanent arrangements that bring together what’s characteristic of the lives and stories in that space. As a result, the simple, yet exquisite florals that you’ll find on shelves always lean into a story. They not only accent the room, but the pieces of a family or business that stand out as we get to know our clients.

Using objects like succulents, manzanita branches, geodes, orbs and unique vases help us approach each arrangement with a tailor-made and custom perspective.


Challenging the thought that trees and grass belong outside, we never waste an opportunity to pull inside what many think belongs out. Bringing in things like Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees and Horsetail grass can create a seamless flow between you outdoor and indoor spaces while bringing life and design into a room.


While we love bringing hints of nature inside, we also love when we get to put our spin on it and then place it out. The use of large planters in open outdoor spaces that house UV-protected permanent shrubs, grasses, branches and more are perfect pieces to welcome or befriend visitors on the receiving end of your hospitality.

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