Inspirational Blue Hue Collection

January 21, 2021 curate2019 0 Comments

Is your client’s home or business feeling empty now that Christmas is packed away for the year?! Beautiful, permanent florals are an exquisite and easy way to add life and color to your interiors and even exteriors. The top Curate Florals trends of 2021 are an exciting blend of bold and bright, with subtle hints of natural elements along the way. We are SO excited to announce that our first collection of the year is the Inspirational Blue Hue Collection, featuring stunning pops of our favorite bright blue. We have a feeling you might be seeing this collection a lot!

With unique geodes, succulents, orchids, stones, all new containers, stems and so much more, Curate Florals is ready to take on 2021 with exciting creations just for you and your client’s spaces. Keep checking our blogs as we release our next collection next month!!! Any guesses what it might feature?!

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