Fall Floral Guide

August 14, 2019 curate2019 0 Comments

As summer days soon come to an end and we slip into the comfort of crisp, autumn nights, we focus our attention back to the home, where wreaths, jack-o-lanterns and topiaries add spirit to your personal style. Let Curate Floral’s guide to fall florals help you find the best fall selections in our favorite shades of the season- deep reds, breathtaking brown hues, blazing auburns and warm yellows. Whether you are looking to gift to a hospitable friend or looking for ways to make your own home a little bit more inviting, Curate Florals knows all of the best ways for you to express yourself this fall season.

Orangey, red colors are trending this fall in a vibrant fusion. It’s all about fusing color and life with the outdoors for your table bouquets and these work beautifully for the fall and winter months, bringing warmth when you need it.

Bouquets this fall are richer in texture, combining many different varieties of flowers and coordinating them with new color schemes. Classic flowers are being mixed with whimsical features, turning floral arrangements into mesmerizing displays for the home.

Statements are in, as the darker centers tell us that summer is passing and invite us to celebrate these exciting and enticing fall colors. Classic flowers are also popular, with fall tones in burgundy, red, plum and orange being chosen for this season.

Neutral tones paired with textures is a great way to decorate spaces for fall. You can also do no wrong with a beautiful white pumpkin for a touch of rustic.

Welcome your guests to your home with an eye catching custom-designed wreath. Think about what extra embellishments you envision, such as pine cones, leaves and berries. We are happy to create a beautiful fall wreath for your front door!

Let the beauty of fall shine naturally in your home with an autumn-inspired floral centerpiece. Succulents, orange gerbera, dahlia, camellia and chrysanthemum are all popular florals in the fall. Complimenting your arrangement with a festive table runner is always a great idea.

At Curate Florals, we love to use fun, fall decorations that work well with our custom arrangements. Use these items around your home or incorporate them into your centerpieces or wreaths.

  • Gourds
  • Pumpkins
  • Pine cones
  • Berries
  • Leaves
  • Garland
  • Seasonal fruit
  • Scented candles
  • Hay bales


Fall is the time of year for gatherings, so we suggest taking time to make your living space inviting for your friends and family to call “home,” too. A couple of simple details will define your place, and these small seasonal changes will make such a difference. Treat yourself and your loved ones with customized fall flowers and decorations from Curate Florals and enjoy the fall season that much more.


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