A Few Of Our Favorite Things: Christmas Edition

November 23, 2021 curate2019 0 Comments

Here at Curate Florals, Christmas runs year round! Beginning in January, we are working on taking down all Christmas decor for many commercial and residential spaces after a season of festivity! As soon as we finish the last takedown of the season, we head straight to Dallas Design Market to begin making selections for the next Christmas Design palettes, trends and product. Beginning in February, we spend a couple of months working with existing clientele to update, add-in and tweak their current product. By late spring, we have begun working with our larger commercial clients on their Christmas design plans. The summer is spent on larger residential client design plans, prepping the warehouse for receipt of Christmas product and bracing ourselves for the fall. Beginning in August and beyond, we are receiving countless ornaments, accessories and greenery that will soon be worked together to create the stunning designs you see in your social media feed. Once we start installs in early November, we are feeling the deja vu like you wouldn’t believe!

While it might sound like this is a repetitive process for us, nothing could be further from the truth! We get to see so many beautiful and different designs that every day is different from the last!!! As we approach the end of takedown season, let’s take a look through some of our favorite spaces that we had the honor of designing this 2021 season!


This area truly sets the tone and festivity level for your home or business. Swags (or also known as drops) are featured heavily this year in place of the more traditional wreath. We are continuing to use lots of lit branch arrangements in various shapes, sizes and designs. When planning outdoor entry pieces, we don’t go super matchy with the interior design palettes. In fact, we often see the exterior speaking for itself and in more bold colors than what we would see inside!


Your Christmas tree is the centerpiece of your holiday design! It should always be the focal point and we have had some true show stoppers this season. Here are a few of our favorite tree designs for the Dallas Christmas 2021 season.


Garlands are a beautiful way to add a huge impact to many spaces! Whether on fireplace mantles, banisters or adorning a beautiful piece of furniture, we love adding these striking decorations to complement all interior design palettes. Here are some of the standout garlands from this season!


We always love to add arrangements on our commercial and residential design jobs in order to tie the whole design plan together! Feast your eyes on some of these interesting and unexpected pieces that we used to enhance our client’s spaces this season!

All around, this year’s Christmas Elves had a great time in the Christmas design department! If your Christmas is lacking in artistry or design, make sure to get with us as early as you can in 2022 to begin creating your personalized palette! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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