Partnering together to tailor distinctive floral designs to enhance your well-styled space

Curate Florals offers the opportunity for Interior Designers and retail clients to create a design tailored to their vision. Let us partner together to enhance your project with our customized permanent floral arrangements and ready-to-purchase florals. Choose from a variety of planters, pots, florals, succulents and stems to create a custom arrangement perfect for your space or your client’s space. 

About Us

Dallas Interior Designers: come and discover a new resource partner with an experienced and trusted supplier of wholesale floral arrangements. The company’s established relationships in the industry have culminated in discounts that can be passed onto the trade through competitively priced wholesale custom floral designs; the perfect solution to meet the demands of an ever changing consumer market. Get in contact with us today to request more information or read more about our floral arrangement experiences.

Retail: arrangements can be found and purchased in person through shopping our ready-made arrangements, social media, email and appointment with our Floral Director Monday-Friday.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does pricing work? Each custom arrangement is so unique that it is nearly impossible to have set prices! We will always work within your budget to select appropriate containers and florals. Quotes are available for all arrangements. 

How do I order? You can contact Curate Florals via email, Instagram, or phone to order and/or customize your arrangement. 

How long does the process take? If items are in stock, turnaround time is usually less than a week. Special order items are determined by vendors and can be more like 2-3 weeks.

Adding Life and Luxury To Your Space

Our Story

Linda Baker has fashioned edgy, elegant floral designs and permanent interiorscapes for over 25 years. In 1991, Linda founded a company called The Creative Branch, which launched her first venture into designing high-end florals and permanent tree replication. Her realistic design work with florals and plants led to a new idiom – permanent interiorscape and was sold to prestigious clients such as The Hyatt Regency; The Four Seasons; The Woodland Resorts; Methodist Hospital; Ethan Allan; and EXPO Designs; among her many commercial and interior design trade consumers. The authentic and life-like work with permanent interiorscape won her company the much sought after bid at the four diamond Moody Gardens Hotel, Spa and Convention Center in Galveston.

Linda was featured in Growth Strategies, a section in The Houston Business Journal that periodically features remarkable

business success stories; along with a coordinated story presented on the ABC Television affiliate in Houston. Most recently, under her management, The Creative Branch was named a finalist for The Dallas Market Center Annual ARTS Award, a premier award program for the home decorative accessories industry. A move to Dallas in 2004 prompted the sale of The Creative Branch and a new partnership with a local Dallas designer where she quickly helped the company grow to a half-million dollars in revenue within the first year.

Linda’s enormous success encouraged her to establish Curate Florals and for over 23 years she has applied a winning approach. Linda continually applies sensible, functional and innovative methods to her clients which results in design that can withstand the test of time.


Lilac Dreams Collection

The Lilac Dreams Collection creates bespoke designs with organic details in harmony with nature. Curate’s latest collection symbolizes spring and renewal and embraces confidence through

Spring Pink & Succulents Collection

Now that spring is in full effect, we can officially launch our next floral collection… welcome The Spring Pink and Succulents Collection! With pops of

The Gold Standard Collection

With a modern take on the traditional floral, The Gold Standard Collection elevates the typical arrangement with gilded finishes and unique elements. Think amethyst hues,